I use some external service in "The GOD AIM" and I collect personal infomation. I deal with your infomation as below. I only provide it to a third party when I'm requested to do by law or I transfer my app to them.

1.Getting Permission
Access to external storage(SD)
Purpose:Save user setting ( recoil and sensi...)

 I use the Information that I know when you contact me in order to improve my app. I may reply to that email but I only do about your inquiry. When you request me to remove your message, I delete it.

3.External Service
 I use follow services in order to improve my app and place ADs.

Provider:Microsoft Inc.
Purpose:Save user setting, Implement LeaderBoard, Check usage stats and improve app

AdMob:Google Inc.
Purpose:Place ADs in my app

4.Stop Sending Your Information
 When you play my app, these services collect personal information. If you don't want to do, please you uninstall my app.

5.Revise policy
I may revise all of or a part of this policy. When it have major changes, I announce it and change this policy.

6.Contact Me
 If you want to contact to me about this policy, you can contact me with SNS or E-mail.
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