The GOD AIM(正在准备中)

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App info
The aim training app for mobile fps game.
Can customize a wepon recoil, a position and size of UI button ,camera sensi, and ON/OFF of shoothing sound and player model.
Have three tarining modes.
ReaderBoard(only Hard).
You can play The GOD AIM if your phone is off-line.

iOS plz wait for a little

Game mode

ModeFeatureFeature2HitMissCan't hit and disapper
StandardRandomly apperAt hitting 6 times, increase10⁺5×combo₋2、Reset comboなし
ReactRandomly apperAt Hitting 10 times, increase10⁺5×combo-2、Reset combo₋5、Reset combo
TrackRandomly move on holizeonAt Stopping, faster10⁺combo-2、Reset comboなし

Release note
ver 1.5
Change the target size and appering position
Change around ads
Change around login on title
ver 1.4
Update Unity version to 2019.1.14
Change privacy policy
Change camera sensitivity limit
Change leaderboard to external one
Add Normal leaderboard
Remove banner ads and increase ads after game

ver 1.33
Change the timing sing in PlayGame
Fix LeaderBoard
Delete the method to export a game record as a image
Rewrite PraivacyPolicy to detail
Add the background image to display a game record for Dark Theme
Change the method of "Auto Shooting"
Change the way to instantiate target (only internal change)
(Maybe) Fix LeaderBoard

ver 1.31
Fix about target bug

ver 1.3(thx suggestion!)
Change the single shoot system ( from tap to un-tap)
Add some cusutomize button for changing recoil and camera sensi
Display the parameter of recoil and camera sensi

ver 1.23
Change the shoot system for fixing the bug that can't perform at single shoot.
ver 1.22
Fix the problem that user can't sing in GooglePlayService
Change the shooting order ( from "shooting sound, hit target, recoil" to "hit target , shooting sound , recoil)
Reduce ads

ver 1.21
Add PrivacyPolicy
Change the title image (hitting mark from "O" of GOD to "A" of AIM)

ver 1.2

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